AFPS has a long history of successfully implementing Fisheries research and rehabilitation Projects. Listed below are a number of projects that staff from AFPS have led. Many of the projects where developed while staff were engaged by Fisheries Queensland or NSW Fisheries. Many of these projects have been conducted with multiple projects partners, with funding derived from both Government and Private sources.


Development of Fish Passage Criteria for Floodplain species of Central Laos

Prioritisation of Fish Passage Barriers in Laos

Categorisation of Queensland Streams for Waterway Barrier Works

Low cost, Low Technology Fish Passage Solutions

Prioritisation of Fish Passage Barriers in Queensland

The Large Dam Infrastructure in Queensland

The Clare Weir Fish Passage Project

Fish Habitat Rehabilitation Strategy for the Mackay Whitsunday Region

Restoring Fish Passage at Barriers in the Mackay Whitsunday Region Project

Provision of fish passage at Escott Causeway, Gin Arm Causeway and Burketown Doomadgee Road Causeway

Dumbleton Weir Fishway Project

Hawkesbury-Nepean Fish Community Project

Marian Weir Fishway Project

Moura Weir and Neville Hewitt Weir Fishways Project

Ross River Impoundments Survey

Gooseponds Creek Fishways Project

Rehabilitation Freshwater Drains Project

Reconstruction of Culverts and Causeways Project

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