Project Category: Design and Construction

Fitzroy Barrage Cone Fishway 2015

AFPS worked with the Fitzroy Basin Association to design and supervise construction of a cone fishway to complement the existing vertical slot fishway on the Fitzroy River, Rockhampton, QLD.

Echuca Weir Rock Ramp Fishway 2014

AFPS worked with the North Central CMA to design and supervise construction of a rock ramp fishway to replace the redundant gauging weir on the Campaspe River near Echuca, Vic.

Gregory River Cross Vanes – 2013

AFPS staff supervised the construction of Cross Vane erosion protection structures in the Gregory River, near Proserpine in Central Queensland.

Dights Falls Rock Ramp fishway 2012

AFPS designed and supervised construction of a rock ramp fishway to bring fish from the tailwater pool up to the entrance of the vertical slot fishway constructed on Dights Falls Weir on the Yarra River near Collingwood, Vic.

Clare Weir Lock Fishway 2004

AFPS undertook pre and post construction monitoring and provided fishway design advice for the Clare Weir Lock Fishway on the Burdekin River, QLD.

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