All Aspects of Fish Passage Construction

Dights Falls Rock Ramp fishway 2012

AFPS Staff designed and supervised construction of a rock ramp fishway to bring fish from the tailwater pool up to the entrance of the vertical slot fishway constructed on Dights Falls Weir on the Yarra River near Collingwood, Victoria. The design incorporated a high flow channel down the centre of the fishway to pass the majority of flows that occur at the site and to allow the movement of canoeists past the weir as this was a popular canoe slalom venue. On each bank a fishway was created that was designed to pass small to large bodied fish. This was achieved by decreasing velocities and turbulence towards the bankside of the fishways, allowing fish to find the most appropriate passage pathways. The design and construction was completed within a 1-week period due to an oversight in the original design process that did not adequately cater for passage below the vertical slot fishway.

During Construction
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