All Aspects of Fish Passage Construction

Fitzroy Basin Association Fishways Project

AFPS worked in conjunction with the Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) to undertake eight fish passage improvement projects in the Fitzroy Basin with funding provided by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust Program. Four rock ramp fishways and one cone fishway were constructed, one crossing upgraded to fish-friendly box culverts and two baffle installations were carried out in the catchment over a three-year period to restore fish passage at all of the sites when there is flow in the waterways. Pre- and post-construction monitoring is being carried out as part of the project to assess the effectiveness of the fish passages at the sites. Positive results were immediately found at Mann’s Weir Cone Fishway, where flow is present in the system all year, with 16 species using the fishway and fish as small as 15 mm successfully exiting the fishway upstream.

Mann's Weir Cone Fishway During Construction
Mann's Weir Before with Bywash Only
Mann's Weir After with Cone Fishway
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