Fishway Monitoring

Barwon Barrage Cone Fishway 2020

AFPS worked with the Corangamite CMA to provide design and construction supervision the cone fishway at Barwon Barrage, near Geelong, Victoria.

Kbal Hong Cone Fishway 2019

AFPS provided design and construction and monitoring supervision to the Cambodian Inland Fisheries Service and Pursat Province Irrigation ror a cone fishway on the Kbal Hong Weir on the Stung Pursat in central Cambodia.

Yeppen Lagoon Log Fish Hotels 2018

AFPS undertook the installation of log ‘fish hotels’ into Yeppen Lagoon to increase the amount of fish habitat available to the fish community.

Glenore Weir Cone Fishway 2016

AFPS provided design guidance and construction advice for the Glenore Weir Replacement and Fishway Project on the Norman River, QLD.

Fitzroy Barrage Cone Fishway 2015

AFPS worked with the Fitzroy Basin Association to design and supervise construction of a cone fishway to complement the existing vertical slot fishway on the Fitzroy River, Rockhampton, QLD.

Clare Weir Lock Fishway 2004

AFPS undertook pre and post construction monitoring and provided fishway design advice for the Clare Weir Lock Fishway on the Burdekin River, QLD.

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